Move In, Move Out Cleaning

Whether you’re selling or moving out from your house or your workplace you will need to clean it up before the new owners/tenants arrive.

To satisfy potential buyers or tenants, Perfectly Clean is here to offer you move in/move out services. To make a household or workplace look all the more attractive, it should be wholesome and flawless. Perfectly Clean will ensure that your place is free of dirt and dust, that the floors shine, that the windows gleam, and that all other surfaces are smudge and/or smear-free. After all, an eye-appealing place will be more likely to attract buyers and/or new tenants.

Alternatively, if you have already sold the house, and want the new resident(s) to be amazed at its outstanding cleanliness, Perfectly Clean can mop the floors, clear out any cobwebs, sweep, scrub, dust, etc.

If, on the other hand, you are going to move into a new place and want it ready for your arrival, we are also at your service. We can clean up almost any property located in Westchester County and make sure that the place gleams of clean before you move in.
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